The Family Enrichment Series: Turks & Caicos Islands

The messages rained down on their parched souls like water from a rushing stream. The last week of the Family Series saw record attendance each night, even though the meetings went for six nights instead of the regular five nights per week. Below are the eye catching and powerful topics that were presented the final week of the campaign.

    What Men Want Women to Know
    What Women Want Men to Know
    What Single People Want Married People to Hear
    Husbands and Wives Together, Forever: Marriage Commitment Service
    What Young People Need to Hear
     What Parents and Children Need to Understand: Parent Child Commitment  Service

Energized by these powerful topics and the call to repentance, forty (40) souls responded, gave their hearts to Jesus and were baptized in the last week. This gave a grand total of 92 precious souls who surrendered their hearts and were baptized. The series ended on the 17th of March, however, the pastors and Bible workers have enough names to work with, that will increase the total number baptized beyond 100. This number represents the largest first quarter baptism in the one hundred years of Adventism on the Island of Turks and Caicos.

The people called the meting “a crusade with a difference” the local television station broadcasted an interview with the evangelist, government officials visited, members talked about the positive impact the meetings had on them, and visitors raved about the spiritual and social blessings the meetings brought to them and their family. Feelings of sadness choked their emotions as they came the final night to bid farewell to the Evangelist and to thank God for the miraculous outpouring of His Holy Spirit on the “Family Enrichment Series”. We join the brethren of these islands in saying, “All Glory and Praise to God. Let us pray for the continued success of the workers in the vineyard.