Accepting a Challenge

     Last January, at the North America Division’s Ministries Convention held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Ron Clouzet (NAD Ministerial Association Secretary) challenged pastors and ministry directors to set a goal for souls in 2009.  Clouzet handed out pieces of paper asking participants to make a personal pledge about the number of people they would lead to Jesus this year.
     Alanzo Smith, Director of Family Ministries for the Greater New York Conference, took his paper, prayed over it, and wrote 100 souls in North America.  While baptizing hundreds of people around the world each year as a family evangelist, Smith found this task more daunting in North America.
     During the meetings held in 2009, Dr. Smith, an ordained minister and licensed marriage and family therapist, preached sermons on relationship themes, challenging his audiences to develop stronger families and to give their lives to Jesus.  The results were awesome, the stories refreshing. A 10-year-old girl brought her mother to Smith, asked him to prepare her for baptism with positive results. Another person decided to close her business on Sabbaths in order to be baptized.  A third person found a wet flyer on the street and attended the meetings because of the information she read there.
    Through God’s power and grace, Smith held four evangelistic meetings (South Hampton, Bermuda; two in Brooklyn, New York; and in Rockville, Maryland) for a total of 10 weeks resulting in 124 baptisms.
    NAD Family Ministries sees its primary work as making disciples for the kingdom of God. Alanzo Smith’s example is one we hope to see replicated throughout North America in the days, months, and years to come.


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