2010-2015 Initiatives

Statement from Directors:

The vision statement for North American Division of Family Ministries is to create healthy families for eternity.  It is our desire that families will experience a revival in their homes that will lead to a transformation in their lives.
   The document before you seeks to infuse the North American Division “Reach Initiatives” with the North American Division Family Ministries Initiatives for the 2010-2015 quinqennium.  REACH is used to spell out revival and reformation in a way that puts Jesus in the center of our homes thereby transforming our families.
    It is our goal that through these initiatives, families across our territory will be encouraged, educated, equipped, employed, and empowered to reach the ideal that God intends, thus, utilizing our families to reach other families for Jesus Christ.

Claudio & Pamela Consuegra, Directors
North American Division Family Ministries

Revival & Transformation:  Encouraging families to make Christ the center of their homes, thus, experiencing a revival that will result in a life-changing transformation

  1. Encourage and equip families to establish a “family altar” and have daily age-appropriate family devotions
  2. Encourage parents to transfer their spiritual values to their children, thus leaving a spiritual legacy
  3. Educate couples and pastors on the use of Prepare-Enrich, pre-marital preparation program,  that will build a foundation for a spirit-filled home
  4. Provide pastors with a downloadable sermon series that will highlight God’s ideal relationship model with conviction and grace
  5. Make available the “Beyond I Do” one-day marriage commitment celebrations and the “Love for a Lifetime” marriage retreats so that couples can commit to each other and to making Christ the center of their marriages and homes.



Education for Discipleship: Educating church members and leadership on their role as disciple makers

  1. Empower parents through the development and implementation of a new parenting resource  to be the primary disciple maker of their children
  2. Provide a “Quick Start” for pastors and leaders on basic family ministries principles
  3. Increase the number of Adventist pastors across the North American Division who are trained in the use of the pre-marital program, Prepare-Enrich
  4. In conjunction with a new parenting resource, develop a “Parent MD” webpage that will provide resources for parents, and  a Q & A section
  5. Educate pastors on providing “Divorce Care” for our families who need this ministry



Alignment within the Church: Equipping families to embrace and practice the concept of “Unity in Diversity” with every member of the church becoming actively engaged in church life and ministry

  1. Encourage and provide resources to families to reach across to other family units in fellowship
  2. Equip churches and families by providing materials on the Family Ministries website that deal with diversity awareness/training
  3. Provide resources and ideas on the website for churches to be more “Family Friendly”
  4. Equip parents through seminars and resource development to be the primary disciple makers of their children
  5. Provide churches and families with resources to utilize so that children have age-appropriate opportunities to serve their communities and churches, thus becoming engaged in ministry



Community Outreach & Evangelism: Employing families so that each home becomes an evangelistic center that will communicate Adventisms’ distinctive message of hope and wholeness to their communities

  1. Encourage local churches to ascertain the needs/interests of their local community
  2. Encourage churches in big cities to ban together and host city-wide family ministries events that may appeal to the public
  3. Provide resources for and encourage churches to plan and conduct family friendly church outreach programs and  activities
  4. Utilize the NAD FM  marriage enrichment programs of  “Beyond I Do” and  “Love for a Lifetime” as well as  parenting workshops to attract the community to outreach events
  5. Collaborate with other NAD departments to create synergy and an awareness of available ministry resources (Adventist Community Services, Children’s Ministries, Education, , Women’s Ministries, Youth)



Healthy Leadership & Administration:  Empowering families through the development and cultivation of leaders

  1. Provide opportunities for leadership training and development through the use of the Family Ministries Curriculum
  2. Encourage each conference/union to develop a Family Ministries webpage with rich resources and additional links to the NAD and GC Family Ministries website
  3. Educate church/conference/unions on the need and importance of having designated Family Ministries leadership at each level of church structure
  4.  Create an awareness of available resources to meet the needs of churches/schools/homes (Prepare-Enrich, End-it-Now Campaign, List of Adventist Counselors etc)
  5. Through the development of the parenting resource, ensure the inclusion of ways that parents can teach stewardship principles to children