Family Ministries Training Program for
Local Church Leaders

The Family Ministries curriculum (English & Spanish) may be presented at conventions and other training events for Family Ministries Coordinators. (Read descriptions of modules / lea descripción de los módulos.)


  • The ten modules contained in the Family Ministries Curriculum for local church leaders should contain 40 contact hours consisting of lecture and reading assignments. Therefore, 4 hours should be allotted to each module.
  • The training lecture should be 1.5 hrs. maximum. Following the outline given in each module, the trainer may present his/her own material, or the supplied text of the module. The lectures should contain concepts, definitions, philosophy and practical application. Keep the lectures simple and clear, yet substantial. Inform and inspire. Avoid bias: gender, racial, age, religion, etc.
  • Independent learning should take up the remaining 2.5 hrs. in each module. Each module includes a list of recommended books and/or videos. Reading of  recommended books and recommended video viewing can fulfill this requirement, under the following guidelines:  read one medium-size book (100-200 pgs) OR read for 2.5 hrs. any of the recommended books. Recommended video-viewing (1 hr. max) may apply to the required 2.5 hrs. of independent learning.
  • The independent learning of Module 8 should include a practicum of 1.5 hrs, where the new Family Ministries Coordinator actually presents a Family Ministries seminar to a group. The remaining hour may be used in recommended reading and/or video viewing.
  • When a person attends all lectures and fulfills the independent learning requirements of all ten modules, he/she is eligible to receive Basic Family Ministries Certification.

To receive your certificate, send your completed card and materials to your local conference Family Ministries Director who will in turn submit your name and certification information to the North American Division Family Ministries office.