Module Descriptions (English)

  • Biblical Foundations for Family Ministry: How to make the most of the Bible as our textbook and discover the ways truth for family living has been revealed in Scripture.
  • Human Growth and Development: In this module you will review the basic principles of development, the four developmental domains, developmental tasks and parenting strategies for the infant, toddler, school-age and adolescent.
  • Understanding the Family as a System: Understanding the factors at work in the family unit as a whole can empower or restrain the individuals in the family and enhance or diminish their well-being.
  • Spiritual Parenting: This module deals with the foundation of a strong marriage and the necessary parental styles and disciplines needed to effectively shape strong moral characters in children.
  • Sexuality Education: Parents want to be sex educators of their own children, however few know how to do that. This module will test your knowledge about sexuality and review what parents need to know to have healthy and normal sexual discussions in the home.
  • Marriage Strengthening: There are many ways to strengthen a marriage and this module discusses four basic principles: romance, intimacy, prayer and forgiveness. If these principles are practiced, with a willing and submissive spirit, nothing can destroy your relationship.
  • Communication: With more than 4,000 languages and dialects spoken in the world, communication can be difficult. By practicing the recommended communication styles and techniques, you can learn how to be a better communicator, verbally and non-verbally.
  • Effective Family Ministries in the Local Church: In order to be effective in Family Ministries, one must understand the challenges facing families today and realize that their ministry needs to be broad and comprehensive enough to adequately address the varied types of families in the local church.
  • Anger and Conflict Resolution: No matter who we are or what we do, we all, at some point, have to deal with anger and confrontation in our relationships. This module addresses the role of confrontation and anger in our lives, and how to engage in open, honest, direct and straight-forward problem-solving communication skills.
  • Family: Center for Evangelism: The Christian family is a powerful evidence of truth of Christianity. In this module you will learn that ministry begins in the home and through love and the power of prayer, our families can become a center for evangelism.