A Word For Your Family

Church Involvement

  • Focus on the church community’s families
  • Connect with “Lion’s Club” or similar organizations to help the community
  • Special events to honor family members (including stepfamily)
  • Family fun day/movie night for church & community
  • Habitat for humanity (church to get involved)
  • Single mom’s night out (offer babysitting for mom’s in the community
  • Video highlights of different types of families
  • “How to Love” series
  • Combined SS one Sabbath
  • Family church bike ride/hike
  • VBS for families
  • Family team building activities (relays, etc.)
  • Family evangelism
  • Community center ‘take over’ (partnering with communities for tutoring for kids, free music lessons, etc.)
  • Small groups using “Help! I’m a Parent”
  • After-school programs for kids in the community “safe zone”
  • Family of the Month
  • Fund for families in need