When Your Child Divorces
Divorce has become both a commonplace and a complex occurrence for many children today. According to the website “Children and Divorce,”1 the statistics are startling:
• 50% of all North-American children will witness the divorce of their parents. Almost half of them will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage. (Furstenberg and others -Life Course-)
• One out of 10 children of divorce experiences three or more parental marriage breakups. (Gallagher -The Abolition of Marriage)
• 40% of children growing up in America today are being raised without their fathers. (Wade, Horn and Busy, -Fathers, Marriage and Welfare Reform, Hudson Institute Executive Briefing, 1997)
• 50% of all the children born to married parents today, will experience the divorce of their parents before they are 18 years old. (Fagan, Fitzgerald, Rector, -The Effects of Divorce On America-)

Much research has been done on the effects of divorce on children. Even adult children experience the consequences of the divorce of their parents. What we also need to realize is that when it’s your child who’s going through divorce, you go through some of the same pain your child does, and sometimes even more. 

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