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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On any given day, our office receives numerous calls and emails from constituents all over the division. While it is a privilege to “meet” so many different Family Ministries leaders without ever leaving the office, many times we end up just referring the calls to someone else for resources or further information. For that reason, we decided to compile of list of the most commonly asked questions in hopes of helping you develop an effective Family Ministries program. This page will be updated on a regular basis, so visit often if you have any questions! If, of course, your question is not answered, feel free to contact your local conference Director of Family Ministries or feel free to contact us.

1. We would like to invite Elder and Mrs. Consuegra to speak at our church. Are they available?

Generally, the Consuegras’ schedule is booked 12-15 months in advance. With nearly 6,000 Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout the North American Division, it is impossible for them to visit each church. However, by visiting our Event Calendar, you may be able to see if they will be speaking somewhere in your area. We also encourage you to invite other churches to your special events or plan area-wide programs so that a wider range of church families can benefit from your program.

2. I was just elected to be the Family Ministries Coordinator for my church. What do I do first?

Your church should have given you a description of the duties and responsibilities of the FM Coordinator (English or Spanish version). This document will get you on the road to developing a strong program for your church family. Also, you should purchase the Family Ministries Handbook: A complete how-to guide for local church leaders available from AdventSource (also available in Spanish).

3.Where can I find FM resources, such as materials on parenting or marriage enrichment?

We have listed books, articles, and links by subject under TOPICS. Also check out our RESOURCES section. Most of the Family Ministries resources our church publishes are available through AdventSource. They have a page dedicated to family ministries resources and you can order directly from their website.

4. I’m looking for a Christian counselor in our area. Can you help me?

We have compiled a Directory of Counselors across North America. You may also check with your local conference Director of Family Ministries to find out if there are any counselors in your area who may not be in our limited database.

5. How can I be listed as a counselor on your Directory of Counselors?

Send the following to our office, in hard copy: your current résumé /curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation from Union/Conference leaders (administrators or directors). The letters must be submitted on official letterhead.

6. How can I get trained as a Family Ministries Coordinator?

The Family Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders is designed to be a leadership tool to give understanding and skills in various areas related to Family Ministries. Conferences and/or Unions conduct Family Ministries Conventions to provide training for certification in Basic Family Ministries. To learn where these conventions are being held, please contact your local Conference.