A Word For Your Family


Abandon          Freedom                                Love-Eros                      Retirement

Ability              God-Faithfulness                  Memory                         Road

Adoption         God-Father                             Mercy                            Sickness

Ants                  Grace                                       Mind                              Silence

Beginning        Grief                                        Miscarriage                  Singing

Bible                 Growth                                    Mother-In-Law            Soap

Closet               Heredity                                  Night                             Star

Colors               Heritage                                 Parental Duty              Storm

Daughter          Holy Spirit-Promise             Parental Love                Sympathy

Day                    Jesus-Comfort                       Patience                        Tact

Death                Jesus-Friendship                   Peace                             Washed

Father               Keys                                          Poison                           Water

Fear                   Love-Agape                             Rest                               Window

Church Involvement

Focus on the church community’s families Connect with “Lion’s Club” or similar organizations to help the community Special events to honor family members (including stepfamily) Family fun…

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Find out what your Conference or Union can do to maximize the emphasis on Family Ministries

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Ways to Celebrate with School or Youth Groups

Develop resource guide on families for AYS leaders Bring-your-parent-to-school day Family field trip School emphasizes family worship School awards for family event participation Pr…

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Ways to Celebrate with your Family

Weekly family night (movie, games, bonding) playdate Adopt an elderly neighbor (family checks in on neighbor, mows lawn, etc.) Small group in home (biweekly) for families of similar age teac…

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