Conference Director of Family Ministries
Job Description

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  • Give general leadership to all phases of the Family Ministries program.
    • Has responsibility for departmental administration
      • Personnel management
      • Financial management
        • Authorizes check requests
        • Prepares annual budget
        • Reviews and troubleshoots monthly statements of departmental financial activity.
      • Oversight of office space and equipment
      • Calls regular staff meetings
      • Sees to the creation/maintenance of the department's website.
      • Prepares regular communication for local church Family Ministries coordinators and pastors.
    • Chairs the Conference's Family Ministries committee.
  • Acquire and maintain substantial knowledge on the different programs and resources available at the North American Division Family Ministries to share with local church coordinators of Family Ministries.
    • Premarital preparation
    • Marriage Conferences and Retreats
    • Family Ministries Conventions
    • Family Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders
    • Adventist Family Conference annual event
    • Graduate Certificate in Family Life Education
    • Keeping the Faith: A Guidebook for Spiritual Parenting
    • The Family Friendly Church resources
    • AdventSource 1.800.328.0525
    • NAD Family Ministries website (www.adventistfamilyministries.com).
    • Annual Family Ministries Plan Book
    • Christian Home and Marriage Week
    • Family Togetherness Week
    • Adventist Association of Family Life Professionals
  • Develop and plan training for local church coordinators and programming for families.
    • Training of local church coordinators of Family Ministries
    • Organize or facilitate parenting across the life span workshops
      • Parenting infants and toddlers
      • Parenting school-age children
      • Parenting teenagers
      • Single parenting
      • Step parenting
      • Parenting disabled and special needs children
    • Organize or facilitate marriage retreats
    • Organize or facilitate singles retreats
    • Organize or facilitate divorce recovery workshops/retreats
    • Organize or facilitate child/spouse abuse awareness workshops
  • Be the family advocate in your conference territory.
    Evaluate resources and programs.
  • Remain aware of new Family Ministries policies and the development of new Family Ministries resources from the North American Division.
  • Participate in the North American Division's Ministries Convention and Family Ministries Advisory which take place in the month of January every other year.
  • At regular intervals participate in training and enrichment workshops to enhance your own competency in Family Ministries and Family Life Education, show evidence of 12 hours of CEU's per calendar year. Be a member of the Adventist Association of Family Life Professionals, hold the CFLE (Certified Family Life Educator) designation from NCFR (National Council on Family Relations), or be working toward such a designation.