Working Policy

Areas of Emphasis

HF 15 Areas of Emphasis

The focus of Family Ministries is upon relationships. It is a ministry to the “and,” such as in husband and wife, parent and child. Thus this ministry concerns itself primarily with relational dynamics rather than the needs of individuals. The basic target areas of emphasis for the Department of Family Ministries are premarital guidance, strengthening marriage and parent education, with attention also given to extended families, single parenting, step-family needs, and the family needs of singles. The development of relational skills fostered by Family Ministries empower young people, singles, and families, and enrich relationships both within the home and within the church, the household of faith.

The curriculum framework upon which leadership and resource development are based includes eleven major areas: theological foundations, family and mission, families in society, marriage and family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, parent education and guidance, human growth and development, human sexuality, family ethics, family resource management, and family ministries programs and implementation.