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January 15: The Shower and the Pipe Wrench

You called in trouble and I rescued you. Psalms 81:7, NASB.

Many years ago when my husband and I moved into our first house we were so excited, even though the house needed some upgrades before it would be perfect. One afternoon while my husband was at work, I decided to change the shower head myself to one that "massages." I found it in a box of supplies, then hunted until I found the pipe wrenches. The one I picked out seemed heavy, but I figured bigger was better for my plumbing job.
I climbed into the bathtub to take off the shower head. It wouldn't budge with my fingers, so I fit the pipe wrench on it and pulled hard. Nothing. More strength was obviously needed. Again I fit the pipe wrench on the shower head, climbed onto the edge of the bathtub, then leaped off, putting all my weight on the wrench. There was an ominous snap and a clang as something fell behind the wall of the shower.

Sick with terror, I pondered the situation. A sudden ring of the phone interrupted my thoughts. My mother cheerfully announced that she and Dad would be arriving the next day for a visit. I rushed down the street for some advice from my friend, whose father was a builder. When she called him, he said, "You'll have to rip the bathtub out and get behind the wall, because you've snapped a water line. Don't use the tub or shower until it's fixed."

Now I was really ill! My husband returned home late that night. His face was grim as we tried to think how we could possibly get the shower fixed before my parents arrived. It was time to bring in the heavy ammunition. Kneeling on the floor beside our bed, we gave the problem to the Lord, begging Him to help us. Then I crawled into bed and fell asleep. But He woke me early with this thought: The wall behind the mirror in the master bathroom is shared with the other bathroom. Take the mirror off, cut a hole in the wall, and you can fix the pipe. What relief! I got up quietly and wrote it all down.

When my husband woke up, I excitedly told him what our Lord had told me, and He was exactly right! We took the mirror off and cut a big hole through which we could see the copper pipe. We bought copper pipe and soldering supplies, and by the time my parents arrived the pipe was fixed, the "shower massage" head was on, and the lovely big mirror covered the hole.

Thank You, Lord, for still speaking to us today and hearing and answering our prayers.<.i>

--Cheryl Hurt

from A Word from Home
Ardis Stenbakken (editor) | Review & Herald (2005)
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