Conference Involvement

  • FM program for office staff
  • Provide counseling at camp meeting
  • Develop FM app with push notifications
  • Stepfamily support groups
  • Family finance resources
  • Highlight different types of families, celebrate and (video series) “this is what family looks like…” support
  • Text-an-idea program: send practical tip, Bible promise to every contact for a month
  • Fund for families in need
  • Focus on special needs families/LGBTQ+ family members
  • Weekend family camp for pastor families
  • Plenary session for family at camp meeting
  • Conference newsletter-special features about families
  • Focus on training all FM directors
  • Short (4 mins), urban-set videos focusing on important family topics
  • Send pastors to ACFRO in July
  • Single moms/dads retreat
  • Grief/loss retreat/training weekend for leadership
  • Provide current resources on family issues
  • Year of the family- every month a family sermon
  • Invite family authorities from the city or government for special events
  • Highlight family on Conference websites
  • 2019 camp meetings- theme and focus “family”